Introducing Nityasach Fitness Pvt Ltd - A Revolutionary Destination for Premium Fitness Equipment & Sports Goods

Before we dive into our story, let's first pay homage to our founding pillar, M/s. Sachdev Sports Co. Originating in 1928 by the visionary late Shri. Ram Ratan Sachdev hails from Sialkot, Pakistan, and later established roots in Hyderabad, India. What started as a modest sports showroom grew steadily, driven by his unwavering dedication and interactions with customers.

Over time, guided by our founder's principles, M/s. Sachdev Sports Co emerged as a reputable supplier of quality sports goods, becoming a prominent name in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States.

We served government institutions, educational bodies, clubs, and individuals, fulfilling the need for exceptional sports gear. Recognizing the escalating demand for fitness equipment due to the modern sedentary lifestyle, our parent company ventured into a new horizon, giving birth to M/s. Sachdev Overseas.

This endeavor, bearing the brand name "Aerofit," aimed to import top-notch fitness equipment, catering to a diverse range of customers while ensuring affordability and post-sales excellence. With escalating success and the need for transparency, the partnership evolved into Nityasach Fitness Pvt Ltd, a private limited company.

Embracing innovation, Nityesh Sachdev, one of the directors, conceptualized a groundbreaking idea - a fitness equipment hub equipped with cutting-edge technology, competing with global giants yet catering to the unique Indian market dynamics.

This led to the birth of Formula Fitness™ India, under the umbrella of Nityasach Fitness Pvt Ltd, presenting the evolved "Aerofit" brand with advanced versions of fitness equipment.


Formula Fitness™ India strives to set a new industry standard, providing enriched services, fostering customer relationships, and delivering unparalleled fitness products.


Our vision encompasses surpassing customer expectations by delivering top-tier quality services.


Our mission at Formula Fitness™ India is to forge enduring connections with clients by offering exceptional customer services, fueled by innovation and pioneering technology.

In collaboration with Nityasach Fitness Pvt Ltd, Formula Fitness™ India is poised to redefine fitness, offering a comprehensive range of premium fitness equipment and sports goods that cater to diverse needs while redefining excellence and affordability.

a gym room with a gym equipment and a gym equipment
a gym room with a gym equipment and a gym equipment
a gym room with a gym equipment and a gym equipment
a gym room with a gym equipment and a gym equipment
a gym room with tread treads and a treadmill
a gym room with tread treads and a treadmill